Mr.Frost … ?

A sunny day in a quiet state. Photo Credit: KH 2014 #travel #travelphotography #sunshine #sunlight #sunnyday

I stumbled upon this beautiful abyss while hiking near Lagos, Portugal [2448 x 3264]


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Sunset | New York City, USA (by messyrican)

Oceans  by Eric Volto

Yosemite from above and bellow

Day of the Dead flamenco dancer- Been working on this on and off for a long time, and I’m finally to a point where it feels kind of done. There were multiple times where I wasn’t sure what direction i was going with this stylistically, but I’m happy with this result. It’s hard finding an in-between of my sketchier, painterly work and my cleaner shapes and blocked shading. 

Painting a little box to keep my tea in #acrylic #crafts

Finished up Vanellope tonight before bed. Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite Disney movies that’s come out lately. I loved so much about it, and Vanellope is such a fun character. Even though I love Frozen too, Wreck-It Ralph had a stronger message to me, and I felt I could relate to Ralph.

For @Sketch_Dailies. Today’s theme was cat burglar. Well. She’s a cat, and she stole my happiness. So that counts. On a side note, I think this is the first time I’ve finished a sketch daily on the day it was announced.

I couldn’t think of anything to sketch out so I speed painted a chickadee. Reference used